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Keeping pipes or an installation in good condition is a priority for guaranteeing that it lasts. In order to help, we offer our line of solutions developed for internally or externally cleaning cooling systems and for treating and/or disinfecting your heating or air-conditioning systems.
Save energy and keep your systems healthy using our solutions, which are non-toxic to users and environmentally friendly.

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Duonett® D7

Duonett® D7 is an efficient product against limescale, witout risk for the operators, the equipment or the environment.

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Nettogaz GC+

NETTOGAZ GC+ is designed for the internal cleaning of refrigeration and air conditioning systems with a small volume (for industrial applications see Facilisolv®).


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Frionett® Power Ultra : new formula

Frionett® Power Ultra is a powerful and lightly scented, general-purpose cleaner of all smooth surfaces.

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Frionett® Activ' RTU

Cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant, deodorant

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