Solutions for optimising heat exchange

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The commercial cooling market includes supermarkets, health-care institutions, and leisure centres. Stakeholders in these sectors must address energy, environmental and safety issues in order to meet their customers’ cooling needs.



Your applications:

  • Supermarkets and superstores
  • Local stores
  • Local governments
  • Hotels and food-service
  • Bakeries
  • Operating rooms
  • Bloodbanks
  • Recreation centres...

Your installations:

Climalife helps installers to control operating costs relating to refrigeration and air conditioning systems:

  • Cold-storage
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Proof cabinets
  • Professional kitchens
  • Cooling systems and temperature controllers
  • Laboratories
  • Heat pumps
  • Climate-controlled chambers
  • Ventilation systems...

Our solutions

A wide range of products and services for design and maintenance of your systems:

  • Solution to optimize energy consumption
  • A full rane of law GWP refrigerant fluids
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Systems cleaning products
  • Lubricants
  • Equipments according to F-gas
  • Leak detection
  • Recovery, recycling, waste treatment...