Heat transfer fluids Heat transfer fluids

Heat transfer fluids

A very complete range of both traditional glycol-water solutions and fully biological ones. Developed in our laboratories, they have undergone meticulous testing to prove their high performance and stability. For all applications that need antifreeze or antirust protection or a transfer fluid from -45°C to 200°C and above.


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Greenway® Neo to dilute

Greenway® Neo is a concentrated antifreeze heat transfer fluid, based on 1,3-propanediol and corrosion inhibitors, for refrigeration, air conditioning, and fire extinguishing system circuits, as well as under-floor heating/cooling circuits.

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Greenway® Neo Solar

Greenway® Neo Solar is a ready-to-use heat transfer fluid based on 1,3 PROPANEDIOL and corrosion inhibitors. It is particularly suitable for sanitary hot water production in solar thermal systems for medium temperatures panels and high temperature vacuum tubes.

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Friogel® ready-to-use

Monopropylene glycol based product with organic corrosion inhibitors for low temperature refrigeration installations. 

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Neutragel® Neo

Monoethylene glycol based product with corrosion inhibitors, to dilute for heat circuits and air-conditionning.

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