Mineral oils Mineral oils

Mixtures of wax-free hydrocarbons specially selected for their high degree of fluidity at low temperatures. Oils suitable for the use of CFC and HCFC refrigerant fluids as well as ammonia.

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CPI 1009-100

Semi-synthetic oil for ammonia compressors.

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Suniso GS

Mineral Oils for use in refrigeration compressors.

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CPI 1009-68

Hydrogenated oil for ammonia, very refined, chemically inert.

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Total Lunaria NH 68

Mineral oil with additives for lubricating refrigeration compressors which use ammonia gas as a refrigerant fluid (R-717).

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Total Lunaria FR 46/68

Mineral naphthenic oils for lubricating all types of refrigeration compressors (WAX FREE oils).

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Mobil Gargoyle Arctic

Naphthenic mineral oil specially designed for refrigeration compressor lubrification.

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