HFO Solstice® ze (R-1234ze)

Solstice® ze is a fluorinated gas from the HFO family.  This product has a very low GWP value and is suitable for air conditioning applications.

It can be used for chillers and heat pumps, and is compatible with polyolester oils (POE). 


Technical videos ( 2 )

Solstice ze®, the sustainable alternative to R-134a - Interview with Benoit Duparc (French)


Replacement solutions for R-404a - Jean de Bernardi - Honeywell

Product Packaging Charge


Solstice® ze
Cubikool® 12kg +


Solstice® ze
Friostar® 19kg +


Solstice® ze
52 L cylinder 52kg +


Solstice® ze
448 L container 450kg +


Solstice® ze
930 L container 940 kg +

Recovery unit Recover XLT2-AP

XLT2-AP has been specially designed for the recovery of fluids classified A2L (slightly flammable), as well as for the most frequent non-flammable refrigerants.

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