HFO Solstice® ze (R-1234ze)

Solstice® ze is a fluorinated gas from the HFO family.  This product has a very low GWP value and is suitable for air conditioning applications.

It can be used for chillers and heat pumps, and is compatible with polyolester oils (POE). 


Product Packaging Charge


Solstice® ze
Cubikool® 12kg +


Solstice® ze
Friostar® 19kg +


Solstice® ze
52 L cylinder 52kg +


Solstice® ze
448 L container 450kg +


Solstice® ze
930 L container 940 kg +

Recovery unit Recover XLT2-AP

XLT2-AP has been specially designed for the recovery of fluids classified A2L (slightly flammable), as well as for the most frequent non-flammable refrigerants.

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