Technical references

Makro retrofit from R-404A to R-448A (Solstice® N40) in Leganés (Madrid)

Direct, quick, safe and problem-free retrofit for better sustainability and carbon footprint.

« N40 (R-448A) performance is good; and set points were achieved immediately after retrofit.  We will continue to monitor and measure energy consumption for a long period to have reliable data about savings and consider them for future plans. » José María de Santos Refrigeration Manager at Makro.

« It was a real challenge to make the conversion in the planned time, working shifts and with up to 60 technicians in the plant. The easy handling of R-448A, the fact that it is a direct replacement and the excellent operational strategy defined for the job together with Makro, helped in minimising the time. » Rafael Matarranz Manager at Catri.

Mar 8, 2017