Number of employees : 9

Distribution area : Hungary, Slovakia, Romania

Certification : ISO 9001

Climalife Kft.

Rét u. 2
H - 2040 BUDAÖRS

Nr. 01-09-919039

Phone : 00 36 23 431 660
Fax : 00 36 23 431 661


A European group with a global reach



Company Profile :

The Frigogáz company dates back to 1997 when two European distributors decided to cooperate and create a joint venture in the Hungarian market. This saw the Dehon Group and Primagaz Group invest to set up a new refrigerant fluid storage and filling facility in the region. The following year, the Dehon Group bought out all the shares.

Frigogáz combines the experience and expertise of a European group with the flexibility and dynamism of a small team. It offers all the solutions provided by the Dehon Group and has the advantage of availability, quality, product choice and packaging expertise in refrigerant fluids. It is thanks to this concept and the quality of the service it gives its customers that Frigogáz has become one of the market leaders in Hungary.

Our company is a key partner for actors in the refrigeration and air conditioning market and works with them to meet regulatory challenges. Frigogáz is really the first enterprise in Hungary to not just sell refrigerants, but also offer solutions and services right to the end of these products' lifetimes.


From 2008, the company will integrate Climalife into its European strategy and thereby reinforce its identity as part of a large international group, to better meet the needs of an increasingly global clientele.




The Frigogáz team is there to help :

  • Guide you in your choice of refrigerant, oil or suitable secondary fluid.

  • Provide products in different packaging and in any quantities, all with the fastest delivery times.

  • Help you with end-of-life management for your refrigerant fluids.

  • Find a product to replace R22.

  • Offer you a safe and sure solution for internally cleaning the lines of refrigeration installations.

  • Meet your customers' hygiene requirements for refrigeration and air conditioning installations.

  • Guide you through any solution you may have found on this site.