Blue book 2018

In this transitional period, new fluids are being developed to replace the high-GWP refrigerants. That's why the blue book, an essential tool for all users of refrigerants, has just been republished and updated.


How can you refurbish an Individual Solar Water Heater ?

An installer was asked to do some maintenance work on an individual solar water heater. A successful partnership when it comes to resolving extreme situations !


A R-455A direct expansion system (Solstice® L40X) for ORTOLAN SA

Ortolan specialises in the wholesale sector and has three storage facilities in the Marmande area of south-western France. The company takes delivery of fruit and vegetables from local growers and exports them worldwide.




Solstice® L41y (R-452B): A new fluid to replace R-410A

R-452B is a non azeotropic blend containing refrigerants from the hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) family, designed to replace R-410A in new installations, particularly in heat pumps, commercial rooftop air conditioners, VRF systems and medium pressure liquid cooler.