A2L Web Application : Calculate the fluid charge in a few clicks!












Climalife has developed its A2L charge calculator, a web application that allows the calculation of the authorised charge of the fluid for their application according to the EN378-1 standard:


Opening of a Circular Economy excellence hub

In order to give value to waste, Climalife innovates and has patented new solutions for separating molecules. State-of-the-art equipment will soon be implemented and will be able to meet the needs of different industries.

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Greenway Neo N - NSF HT1

 Greenway Neo N brochure ENThe plant-based, high-performance alternative to conventional heat transfer fluids
 Climalife, a recognised specialist in the formulation and production of heat transfer fluids for over 40 years, continues its environmental commitments with its Greenway® Neo N range now registered NSF HT1 for food process applications.



Hot stuff! R-455A at Vauconsant for a tailored approach to meals from September

In preparation for the ban on the use of refrigerants with a GWP >150 by 1st January, 2022, the R&D department has approved the use of Solstice® L40X for all its food distribution equipment.


Simple refrigerant selection in line with F-Gas regulations. CO2 T eq calculator.

Digital temperature / pressure control