Conception, achievement and project management

To assist you in the installation of these products, the engineering team has established a number of processes to design, calculate and recommend systems tailored to your needs.



Our team can design according to your specifications:

- Storage and distribution systems, including underground tanks.
- Loading stations for liquefied gases (A1 -A2L - NH3)
- Transfer units for gases and liquids (SF6 - refrigerants - flammable - NH3)
- Turnkey process design: deodorisation, blending and metering (Hydrocarbons, HFO, Urea...)



  Studies and engineering


 The ERG range


ERG-L (P): Empty recovery group with dry pneumatic compressors


ERG-L (Ed) : Empty recovery group with dry electric compressors


ERG-L (Eo): Empty recovery group with lubricated electric compressors

For refrigerant recovery operations. These machines are made to order and are adapted to your specifications. They can carry out recovery on air conditioning units or on storage tanks of more than 30 m3 in liquid phase.


The recovery groups are suitable for most refrigerants (R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, etc.).

ERG-Ls are designed for extensive recovery on equipment containing refrigerants.


These systems are particularly suitable for transfer operations. The recovered fluid is free of any trace of oil.


 Reverse systems


Skid I(w)P: Liquid and/or pressure sensor weighing reversed pumping system comprising a pneumatic pumping system.


Skid IP: Liquid and pressure sensor reversed pumping system comprising a pneumatic pumping system.

Reversed pumping systems allow continuous distribution of refrigerant from containers and/or cylinders.


Reversed Pumping Skids allow for optimal emptying of containers and/or cylinders.


They are suitable for most refrigerants (R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, ...).

 Fluid loading system (R-134a / R-410A / R-407C / R-404A ...)

Managed automatically via a programmed system, these systems are designed according to specifications. They can include different modules: mass flow controlled load, N2 pressurisation, vacuum procedures, etc.

 Storage and pumping unit installation (R-134a / R-410A / R-407C / R-404A / Solstice® yf)
Design / Installation of refrigerant storage tanks and distribution systems.



Our teams provide:

- coordination and project tracking all the way to installation on-site,
- the commissioning of an installation.


When we deliver the installation, we provide you with a complete technical file including:

- the description of the appliance,
- the operating manual,
- the testing certificates or reports,
- the documents about safety accessories and the adjustment reports,
- the preventive and regulatory maintenance schedule.

- compliance with the Machinery Directive, PED, etc.