5 questions to Mr. Gérard Abidh about external cleaning of thermal systems

Mr. Abidh, as the R&D Manager at Climalife, what can you tell us about the Frionett® cleaning range and its advantages?

1) First of all, explain why maintenance and cleaning are crucial operations.

Gérard Abidh :
Clogging of finned evaporators and condensers causes power problems, as well as hygiene and health risks. There are many cleaning products on the market: solvents, aqueous, biocides, fungicides and bactericides.

The Frionett® range meets the requirements of professionals, covering all cleaning requirements encountered on all metals.



2) Introduce us to the range and its advantages. Let's start with Frionett® Contact:

G.A. :
It is designed for applications where indirect food contact is possible, hence its name. It can also be used for disinfecting sales area boards, kitchen work surfaces, extractor hoods, cooking equipment, coolers, cold stores, etc. As stipulated by the regulations in these sectors of activity, the area treated must be rinsed with water after application of the product.  The ultra-concentrated Booster version can be used for degreasing extremely soiled surfaces. By using less product than the standard formula, i.e. fewer cans to buy, it reduces the bill for transport, storage and application. So it is practical, economic and easy for technicians to handle. They could easily carry the bottle in their pocket!

3) Why do professionals choose Frionett® Power?

G.A. :
Quite simply because it is the universal solution within the range, recommended for cleaning equipment in HVAC installations such as condensers, and frameworks; in short, all the external units in general.
It has a concentrated ready-to-use version.

4) Frionett® Activ' is also highly rated for maintenance of air conditioning & ventilation systems; please tell us more about it.

G.A. :
It is aimed at evaporators, especially internal brackets, which represent a vast number of supports to be cleaned. I would like to highlight the Foam version (spray-on foam). It is very practical to use: spray it on to the part to be treated, and the foam sticks without running, literally "eating" the dirt, and disappearing once the dirt has gone. For framework parts, you then only need wipe it with a cloth. Professionals have realised the usefulness of this efficient product, which prevents the risk of floor stains and limits the effort required.
The Activ' range mixes are also designed for treating certain bacteria, mildew and fungi found on evaporators, which appear due to the environmental conditions and the operation of the device.

5) What are the advantages for ventilation system maintenance operators of using Frionett® Activ' One Shot rather than alternative products?

G.A. :
In terms of internal cleaning, it is a tried and tested disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide. It provides a saving on human resource and time when cleaning ventilation ducts. Generally it takes two operators to treat a system, (one at the air network inlet, and the other at the outlet).  With Activ' One Shot, the product is distributed using the ventilation at minimum and cold setting. After 15 minutes to act and 30 minutes to aerate, the premises can be reconnected to the purified air system. Such a short treatment time enables the operator to carry out more cleaning jobs in the day.

Thank you, Mr. Abidh.