A2L refrigerants : Good practice guide

A2L refrigerants : how to use them and for which applications

With ever stricter European F-Gas regulations on high GWP refrigerants, new solutions are emerging in the refrigeration and air conditioning market. With lower GWP but slight flammability, these refrigerants can be used in many applications and processes, as were HFC/HCFC refrigerants, whilst complying with current legislation and recommendations related to their low flammability.

To date, the A2L refrigerants may only be used in new equipment intended for this purpose, or used in systems specifically designed to operate with these products. Under no circumstances should a system operating with a non-flammable refrigerant be retrofitted with a flammable refrigerant without study, prior requalification and authorisation, in order to remain in compliance with applicable regulations.


To facilitate the work of refrigeration and air conditioning professionals, Climalife has put together an essential guide to A2L refrigerants with lots of useful information:


- How is refrigerant fluid classification done?
- What standards are applicable?
- How to calculate the permissible load?
- What are the implementation precautions and safety measures to be taken into account?

Find out all about A2L refrigerants and their handling and use requirements with our best practice guide (download here).