A2L: technology for an eco-efficient cold chain

Regulations in Europe require the use of very low GWP refrigerants in certain applications, now and in the future.

To meet these requirements, the producers have anticipated and developed new HFO molecules with low global warming potential (GWP). With lower GWP levels comes greater flammability, so it was necessary to find a compromise between flammability and GWP to provide environmental and efficient solutions that best meet the needs of cooling professionals.


The new A2L refrigerants can be used in many applications and across different processes, just as the HFC/HCFC refrigerants did, while also respecting current legislation and recommendations related to low flammability.


They must only be used in new equipment intended for this purpose or put into systems specifically designed for operation with these products.


Three refrigerants for refrigeration processes.


Three such refrigerants; Solstice® yf, Solstice® ze and Solstice® L40X sold by Climalife today, can meet your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs. They meet the requirements of the F-Gas regulation and can improve the energy efficiency of systems, plus they also have a GWP < 150.




Equipment and components are now approved by the majority of manufacturers for these refrigerants.  


Simple and easy to maintain installations can be put into supermarkets, convenience stores, cold rooms and cold stores; in particular those with condensing units from 1 to 40 kW.


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