Acitest Unipro WW

Developed by Climalife, Acitest Unipro WW allows you to instantly check the acidity level of refrigerating oils, with or without additives, and whatever their nature.

It gives an indication of the oil's condition: good, borderline, acid.

This acidity test provides a quick diagnosis that increases the safety and productivity of installations, by reducing the risk of breakages and potential breakdowns caused by the acidity of the oil.

New: Acitest Unipro WW is available worldwide!


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Acitest Unipro WW
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Emkarate® RL series

Emkarate® RL refrigerant compressor oils are synthetic polyolester (POE) lubricants formulated specially to operate with HFC refrigerants, HFO blends and low and very low GWP HFOs.


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