After 6 years of use, Greenway® Neo Heat Pump N has lived up to expectations in the orangery

Griffiths Air Conditioning experiences bio-sourced heat transfer fluid in its heat pump applications.


UK based Griffiths Air Conditioning and Electrical Contractors is a family-owned business specialising in domestic and commercial air conditioning and heat pump solutions. It is an MCS* accredited installer of air source and ground source heat pump systems.

Griffiths AC installed a Daikin 8 kW Altherma Monobloc air source heat pump system in 2017 in the 40m² orangery of a local farmland owner in Northamptonshire, using Greenway® Neo N throughout as the Heat Transfer Fluid.

The heat pump is linked directly to a Polypipe "In-Screed" system comprising of a 4-port manifold supplying 18 mm underfloor heating pipe secured with castellated floor trays. The system consists of pipe laid in a 100mm spaced coil to produce a uniform and comfortable floor temperature and the lowest possible flow temperature, while reducing building heat loss.


In this case the air off temperatures varied between 35°C and 45°C. By running an air source heat pump at the lowest temperature possible, maximum operational efficiency (SPF) is ensured.

The owner of the orangery wanted to use renewable energy to be in keeping with the local environment, with one of the country's largest wind and solar farms located nearby. A Daikin R-32 heat pump AC unit was also installed at the residential property by Griffiths.


Griffiths AC continues to use Greenway® Neo N bio-based heat transfer fluids specific to each application, including solar thermal systems, ground and air source heat pumps, monoblock systems and also for underfloor heating.

Six years on, Climalife have run some analysis to confirm the quality of the heat transfer fluid in the system, the findings are shown below.


 Greenway Neo Heat Pump N analysis


« The choice to use the Greenway® Neo range was easy and we chose the most environmentally acceptable product on the market, which fits our company policy to use renewable products wherever possible. » Concludes Ian Griffiths, Partner, Griffiths Air Conditioning.


*F-Gas certificate