Apartment buildings & service sector

Apartment buildings & service sector

Sustainable solutions for energy efficiency

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In shared residential buildings, railway stations and airports, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and local government buildings, 40 years of maintenance costs three times as much as the initial construction of the building. Lowering this cost is your goal; helping you is ours.


Your applications: 

  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Airports/Train stations
  • Government buildings


Your needs:

In order to resolve increasingly complex situations, Climalife is your partner for meeting your energy efficiency goals.

  • Optimization of the heating or the cold production
  • Internal pipes cleaning
  • Protection of thermal networks
  • Treating and disinfecting the ambient air


Our solutions:

  • A unique physical and chemical combination for boiler replacement towards condensation technology: Thermonett® range
  • Duonett® D7, soft scale remover safe for user and equipment
  • New range of high performance heat transfer fluids with longlasting organic inhibitors
  • Disinfection and cleaning range: Frionett®
  • Partial or full turnkey handover solutions realised by our service teams (recovery, emptying and refilling heat transfer fluids, cleaning refrigerant installation,...)


Key numbers:
80%: The proportion of corroded and/or poorly maintained water systems.
15-20%: Efficiency lost OR primary energy cost overun.
Remember that on average:
3 times the cost of the building's construction = maintenance cost on 40 years.