At the end of 2009 the use of virgin HCFCs was banned, what can I use to top up my refrigeration and air conditioning systems?

Climalife are able to offer a number of different options depending on the equipment and how it operates.

We can offer easy retrofit options for R-22 such as R-417A, R-422D, R-427A or other refrigerants such as R-404A, R-407A or R-407C which will require more work.

Alternatively, until 31st December 2014 you can use reclaimed product which is available from Climalife under our own brand of R-22T.

For HCFC blends such as R-401A and R-409A you can use either R-437A or R-134a, whilst for R-402A, R-403B and R-408A you can replace with R-422A or R-404A.

Each Climalife office has knowledgeable people who can help you match your system requirements with the correct refrigerant. To find out more you can contact your local office or alternatively email us details of your system and one of our Climalife experts will reply to you.