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Mobil EAL Arctic

Mobil EAL Arctic Polyol Ester oils are a range lubricants designed for  refrigeration systems which work with HFC refrigerants but can also be used with HCFCs.

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Solstice® yf (R-1234yf)

Solstice®yf is a fluorinated gas from the HFO family. This product has a very low GWP value and is suitable for automotive air conditioning applications.

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NOVEXPANS™ cyclopentane/isopentane (70/30)

The NOVEXPANSTM cyclopentane/isopentane (70/30) is a blend of cyclopentane and isopentane with guaranteed specifications used as an expansion agent in rigid polyurethane foams expansion. This blend is the ideal compromise between the mechanical and heat resistances of the resulting foam.

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