Bordeaux I wins the "Voiles du Froid 2008" trophy


The 16th edition of the prestigious saling race "Voiles du Froid" was organised by Climalife, dehon group and sponsored by its loyal partners Exxon Mobil, Honeywell, HRS, Tecumseh Europe, Clim Pratique and RPF along with two new sponsors Assurfroid and Snefcca.

Thirteen monoshell boats and 110 valiant sailors that came from all over Europe hoisted the sails in a 3 days race in Lorient (France) taking them around the Isle de Groix (France).




After a somewhat chaotic first regatta because of the absence of wind, our sailors surpassed themselves in the following regattas. Excellent mood and dynamism were on board every sailing boat allowing everyone to enjoy moments of strong sensations !!!

Under the radiant sun over Groix, a surprise picnic was organised on the white sand beaches of the Grands Sables giving all professionals of refrigeration and air conditioning a holiday feeling : bathing, napping and farniente.




This cordial and festive atmosphere lasted throughout the whole Climalife gala evening whilst two French singers made us dance all night long.


We thank all our partners who helped us to organise this major event and we make a new appointment for next year.





Ranking "Voiles du Froid 2008" :

Regatta HRS : 1st East / 2nd Bordeaux 2 / 3rd Bordeaux 1

Regatta Honeywell : 1st Bordeaux 1 / 2nd Nantes / 3rd Bordeaux 2

Regatta Tecumseh : 1st Bordeaux 1 / 2nd Bordeaux 2 / 3rd Nantes

Regatta Exxon Mobil : 1st Bordeaux 1 / 2nd Climalife / 3rd Paris2

Regatta Climalife : 1st Exxon Mobil / 2nd Bordeaux 1 / 3rd Nantes

General ranking : 1st Bordeaux 1 / 2nd Bordeaux 2 / 3rd Nantes



For all information concerning this event :

Date : 30 July 2008
Author : D. Martin