Detecting leaks Calibration kits for HFO / HFC, CO2 / NH3

Cylinders loaded with a non-reactive mixture for calibrating stationary gas detectors designed to detect HCFC/HFC, NH3 and CO2.

In accordance with EC regulation no. 842/3006 G-Gas and French decree of 7 May 2007, installed gas detectors for holagenated fluids such as HFC/HFC must be checked at least once every 12 months.
The calibration kit is used for on-site sensitivity inspections of the installed detectors, and to recalibrate the system where needed.

The material can be simply and quickly checked.

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MGS 150

The MGS 150 is a refrigerant leak detector for air conditioning and refrigeration (eg chillers, supermarkets, industrial refrigeration).

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Industrial Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector MGS 550

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detection of refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration installations (chillers, GMS, industrial refrigeration).

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Fixed leak detector HCFC/ HFC/ HC - NH3 - CO2

Bacharach environment controls. Appliances detect refrigerant fluids in factories, industrial manufacturing, air conditioning systems, coolers, boilers and numerous other professional applications.

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