Chillventa - HFOs come on the scene in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems

Conference on fourth generation refrigerants: HFOs
Pierre Emmanuel Danet, Technical Support Manager at Climalife, will give a presentation on Wednesday 10 October 2012 between 11.00 and 12.30 on fourth generation refrigerants at Nuremberg exhibition centre. Dr. Nacer Achaichia, Technical Services Manager at Honeywell, a global producer of fluorine-based refrigerants will also take the floor alongside Mr Danet.

What led you to organise a conference on this subject?
New products are coming on to the refrigeration and air conditioning market and some of our customers are unsure about the future of refrigerants as well as their own future. We believe that it is important to inform installers and end users about these technological developments in view of regulatory changes affecting greenhouse gases.

Are you able to reveal any information on HFOs at this time?
Global warming has led to the elimination of refrigerants that were potentially harmful to the ozone layer and has now cast a spotlight on high-GWP refrigerants, as is the case with technologies that use low-impact refrigerants but whose design and operation require large amounts of energy.
To maintain the cold chain and avoid health risks caused by breaks in the chain due to a lack of applicable technologies, producers have anticipated this situation by developing new molecules called HFOs.

These HFOs (Hydro-Fluoro-Olefin) with a very low GWP (comparable to hydrocarbons) enable producers to continue to work with current forms of technology that have been known for decades. HFOs, which are neither toxic nor dangerous, will not have to be re-qualified for implementation...


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Climalife presents its new eco-solutions - Hall 6 Stand 330

- PerformaxTM LT, the low-GWP refrigerant to replace R-404A in low- and medium-temperature systems.

- Greenway®, the new range of heat transfer fluids made from organic, plant-based matter: an alternative to traditional solutions.

- SolsticeTM ze (HFO 1234ze),the 4th-generation refrigerant

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   Case study
LDT is outsourcing its fluid recovery operations

For an assignment involving waste and asbestos removal from a working office building, the company LDT called upon Climalife as a service provider for the drainage of air conditioning and heating systems.
LDT - La Démolition Technique based at Montreuil sous bois (93) - performs asbestos removal, waste removal, demolition, decommissioning and dismantling at sites with major restrictions, particularly sensitive and very urban sites. The office building located at Coudray Monceau (91) has three floors containing staff from the local conurbation town council.
Against a background of non-structural demolition, LDT is responsible for waste and asbestos removal in this working building.

After an in-depth analysis of the on-site waste. M. Daniel Nogueira, Project Manger at LDT, entrusted Climalife with R-22 refrigerant and MEG glycol water (Monoethylene Glycol) recovery operations due to its expertise in the area.
"The environmental issues are at the very core of our activities" explains Daniel Nogueira. "Before even starting the work, we list all the waste and put in place a means of disposal and traceability right up to the recycling stage, which means employing the services of authorised and certified service providers."