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Keeping pipes or an installation in good condition is a priority for guaranteeing that it lasts. In order to help, we offer our line of solutions developed for internally or externally cleaning cooling systems and for treating and/or disinfecting your heating or air-conditioning systems.
Save energy and keep your systems healthy using our solutions, which are non-toxic to users and environmentally friendly.

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Duonett® D7

DUONETT® D7 is a descaling liquid for industrial use, intended for removing limescale and limestone, and eliminating sludge and rust deposits from water pipes.

It can be used in heat exchangers (condensers, water evaporators), boilers, water pipelines, and also cooling towers.

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Nettogaz GC+

NETTOGAZ GC+ is designed for the internal cleaning of refrigeration and air conditioning systems with a small volume (for industrial applications see Facilisolv®).


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Frionett® Power Ultra

Frionett® Power Ultra is a powerful and lightly scented, general-purpose cleaner of all smooth surfaces.

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Frionett® Activ' RTU

Cleaner, degreaser, disinfectant, deodorant

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