Clim’app, a dedicated app for refrigeration professionals


Climalife, specialist in refrigerants launches its application Clim’app.

Designed to facilitate the daily life of refrigeration professionals, Clim'app is a simple and mobile solution that supports the challenges faced when handling and managing refrigerants.

In one tool, the application brings together the management of cylinders, refrigeration installations and the regulatory monitoring of the latter.


The mobile field application is linked to a web-based management and administration interface.


Management of refrigeration installations and equipment


The online interface can be used to monitor operational sites, installations, customers and leak detectors. Once created, this data is saved and is available on the mobile application to assist the user in their work.


Using an integrated barcode system, a simple scan gives access to useful information about the cylinders such as type of fluid, packaging type and quantity.  Tell Clim'app the location of the cylinder and you will then know where it is at any time.



Management of operations and regulatory documents


Clim'app guides the installer at every stage of an operation, and automatically fills in the corresponding regulatory documents. Just a few clicks will give you a complete history of operations as well as the corresponding documents for each type of operation :


- load

- recovery

- leak detection

- leak repair



Web based management and administration interface


Clim'app’s management and administration interface can be used to find all the information entered in the application, but it can also manage and find the data needed for monitoring the operation :


- Clear view of stock and quantity of coolant: on site, by installation and by cylinder

- Management of users, customers, sites, vehicles and carriers

- Operations completed and awaiting completion (for example waste management documents and corresponding appendices)

- List and location of cylinders, list of detectors and installations

- Just one click gives access to all the information required for refrigerant statistics.


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