Climalife exclusivity : heat transfer fluids Thermera®

Thermera® is the only natural heat transfer fluid available on the market. Thermera® is non toxic and not harmful to the environment.

Thanks to its unique properties, Thermera® is considered to be the ideal heat transfer fluid for the food appplication industry and for projects where the environment issues are predominant...

Thermera® is a product based on betaine.
Betaine is a derivate from the sugar beet processing. This substance can be found in many compositions of products in the food, the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry.

The use of betaine as a Heat Transfer Fluid was discovered an developed in the mid 90's by Fortum Oil and Gas based in Finland. In May 2006, Climalife acquired the exclusive production licence and took over the worldwide distribution of Thermera®.

Physical properties of Thermera® at temperatures below 0°C are comparable to those of traditional glycols.

Thermera® is available in 2 ready to use versions.

Thermera® R (Refrigeration) offers a protection at max. -35°C and can be used in circulation at a minimum temperature of -20 °C.

Thermera® AC (Air conditionning) offers a protection at -15°C and can be used in circulation at a minimum temperature of -10 °C.

Do you have some projects ?

Climalife advises you which heat transfer fluid is most suited for your application and makes your decision easier.

Profit from our experience and our references in the most different applications :

Thermera® AC

  • Wine farmer in Austria - Wine production system.
  • Food logistic centre in Holland - Air conditioning.
  • Food processing company in Holland - Ice production and air conditioning zone.
  • A dutch hospital - Parking and access heating.
  • Innovation centre in Heilbronn (Germany) - Heat pump with heat exchanger.
  • Yoghourt producer in Belgim - Heat recovery.
  • Chicken processing company in Belgium - 100 % natural refrigeration installation (in combination with NH3).
  • Slaughter houses in Northern Germany - Cooling system for the production site.
  • Cheese dairy in the Allgäu (Germany) - Cooling system.

Thermera® R

  • Agro-alimentary - Cooling of the meat processing chain.
  • Automobile producer central in Stuttgart (Germany) - Air conditioning.
  • Automobile club in Heidelberg (Germany) - Geothermic heat pump.

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Date : 17th June 2008

Author : S. Fenain