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CO2 equivalent phase down of refrigerants

helping you move to lower gwp refrigerants


The graph showing the phase down of HFCs as required by F-Gas Legislation has been well used to demonstrate the reductions that will be required.  Using the graph will help you to understand the need to move away from the higher GWP refrigerants at the earliest opportunity.

The first reduction step occurs in less than two months when there is a 7% reduction in the amount of HFCs that are allowed to be placed on the market in 2016.

The effect of the phase down can be mitigated in a number of ways, firstly by reducing leakage from existing systems, secondly by converting those with high GWP refrigerants to lower GWP alternatives and thirdly by using lower GWP refrigerants in new equipment.

With a GWP of 3922, R404A is one of the more obvious products which need to be replaced and a number of lower GWP alternatives are already available and in stock.

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Helping you move to lower GWP refrigerants article


Currently we are focusing on R404A alternatives.  R404A is a product that’s been used in commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration for many years, but its GWP of 3922 is too high and its use must be dramatically reduced to be able to meet the F-Gas phase down requirements. 


Performax LT one of a number of R404A alternative refrigerants

Climalife have in stock a range of lower GWP solutions, including PerformaxTM LT that can offer similar performance characteristics and energy efficiency to R404A.


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Climalife stock a wide range of HFO’s and HFO Blends, which include the OpteonTM family of low GWP products.


Opteon XP40 from Climalife UK

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