Climalife, the new exclusive supplier of heat transfer fluids for De Dietrich!

In March 2011, Climalife became the heat transfer fluid supplier for De Dietrich Thermique, the no. 1 manufacturer of heating systems in France and a member of the 4th largest group in Europe, BDR Thermea.

De Dietrich will offer its network two products : Solufluid® Solar for individual thermal solar systems and Greenway® for collective systems. Greenway® is also being considered for heat pump systems.

By offering quality products Climalife was able to gain the trust of one of the main heating and renewable energy players in Europe.

Greenway® caught the attention of De Dietrich with its ability to better protect collective solar heating systems from natural wear and from stagnation during non-usage periods that have an adverse effect on traditional heat transfer fluids based on fossil fuel-derived MPG. Greenway® can also be used to better promote vacuum tube systems that are high-yield but also at higher risk of over-heating.

The low degradability of Greenway® helps reduce the acidity that brings on corrosion, thereby reducing maintenance costs and extending the product's life span. Our new partner found that these elements complemented well its customer products.

Derived from a biodegradable and renewable plant base, Greenway® strengthens the ecological positioning of the collective thermal solar products made by De Dietrich, the leading brand in France for this market segment.

De Dietrich was most interested in the product's no-soil-pollution characteristic for its range of geothermal heat pumps.

Climalife is proud of this partnership and hopes that it will flourish for the mutual benefit of both companies.