CONCEPT OF THE GRV (Vacuum Recovery Unit for fluids)

From the design to the manufacture of special systems, Climalife responds to the issues relating to the recovery of refrigerant fluids using the GRV.


So, how can refrigerant be recovered in record time whilst optimising your process with a zero leak rate?  The GRV is a vacuum recovery unit, which is ideal for this type of operation.


The GRV enables recovery at the liquid and gaseous phase of all liquefied gases up to 1 mbar absolute pressure, quickly and efficiently. The issue is to create a vacuum below the atmospheric pressure and therefore limit greenhouse gas emissions.
Tailor-made, the GRV will meet your requirements by taking into account your safety constraints, your on-site installation, the regulations and your financial constraints.


The GRV enables, in particular:

- to recover, without contamination, the recovered fluid, which may be returned to the installation if its initial quality permits

- to optimise the manufacturing process for manufacturers/constructors of refrigerating units (repair and recharging of the new unit without removing it from the manufacturing chain),


- to prevent the shutdown of the cold chain in the event of a lead from an installation - for example in a supermarket, a rapid intervention with no loss of foodstuffs


-  to reduce system draining and filling time while respecting the environment (eg:  qualification of refrigerant tanks without any loss of fluid).

The concept of the Climalife GRV encompasses the design, provision of equipment, hoses, the commissioning and training at our industrial sites.