Poly alpha olefin Synthetic oil with additives for protecting CO2 systems.

The CPI®-4624-F Series compressor lubricants are formulated using a premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluid combined with an unmatched high performance additive package. These compressor lubricants feature superior thermal and oxidative stability, enabling them to operate over a wide range of temperatures without coking, deposit formation, or corrosion. Additional features of these lubricants are low volatility and compatibility with mineral oils.

The CPI®-4624-F Series fluids are non-toxic and are accepted for use in food processing and packaging facilities where NSF H1 – lubricants with incidental food contact – are permitted. This product is especially advantageous for use in carbon dioxide (CO2) applications.

Product Packaging Oil type


18.92 L can PAO +


208 L barrel PAO +

R-744 (CO2)

R -744 (carbon dioxide) is a refrigerant designed for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications

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