CPI lubricants improve the performance of your installations


CPI Engineering designs solutions to support industries in creating a more sustainable future.


Reducing carbon footprint is an issue at all levels of the supply chain and requires the adoption of refrigerants with very low GWP. With its expertise and R&D resources, the manufacturer CPI has developed lubricant technologies compatible with these new refrigerants. 


Designed to help optimise plant efficiency, these oils help to enable refrigeration and air conditioning systems to operate with less energy, a concern that is more than relevant today.

Choosing the right oil is essential for the compressor; the central element of the refrigeration system. Its longevity depends on its maintenance and the overall condition of the system. To ensure the reliability of an installation and prevent compressor breakage, CPI offers a wide range of lubricant technology solutions.


Discover the oil matching table according to refrigerant, operating temperatures, and of course, compressor type and technology.