CRANE TEMPER: A heat transfer fluid suitable for deep-freezing applications

Freezing applications in the food industry must meet several objectives: to reach the desired temperature quickly, to ensure the sustainability of the production tool, to obtain a better overall cost and to maximise performance. The challenge is to meet these criteria while respecting the environment and the regulations in force.

To support the players in this sector, Climalife offers the CRANE Temper® heat transfer fluid which combines performance with respect for the environment and health. CRANE Temper® is an optimal solution for production systems requiring a low freezing point and an efficient refrigerant, especially for deep-freezing or freezing.


CRANE Temper® is a ready-to-use, glycol-free, water-based potassium acetate and formate product with excellent thermal capacity and conductivity. In addition, its lower viscosity than glycol-based products reduces system investment and operating costs. These characteristics make it the ideal heat transfer medium for low temperature secondary refrigeration systems.


CRANE Temper® meets all the requirements of deep freezing:

    • Excellent freezing performance: ideal for very low temperature applications, it is available in 7 dilutions with freezing points ranging from -10°C to -60°C.
    • Better overall cost, lower bills: its low viscosity means smaller pumps, heat exchangers and pipework for the same performance and reduced energy consumption.
    • Safety: Non-harmful and biodegradable, CRANE Temper® is classified as non-hazardous to health and the environment and does not contain amines, nitrites or phosphates.


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