Discover R-22T: Climalife’s reclaimed refrigerant product

In Europe, Climalife sells reclaimed R-22 under the name R-22T.
R-22T's specifications ensure a recycled product that surpasses the requirements of the ARI standard, with at least 95% purity guaranteed.

To ensure that the R-22T we produce is of the highest quality, Climalife's laboratories always perform analyses both during and after the reclamation cycle.

R-22T is available in small and large containers and in bulk. At your request, Climalife will treat your R-22 and provide you with R-22T in the containers of your choice.
We can also store your R-22T for you at our industrial sites, after signing a storage agreement with you.
Our Services team will be happy to discuss any specific requests you may have (recovery from your site, system recharge, etc.).
Contact your Climalife sales representative for further information on our offer.


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Date : September 2009

Author : Delphine Martin