Circular Economy

Climalife accelerates the transition to a circular economy

As a pioneer in responsible refrigeration with the recovery and recycling of fluorinated greenhouse gases, the concept of a circular economy constitutes the very essence of our brand.



In order to face climate challenges and sustainability, Climalife anticipates and fully integrates the environmental responsibility at the heart of its innovations.

The advancement of fluid technologies requires to adapt the current methods to better meet the needs of the market. The complexity of new multi-component fluids (hydrocarbons, CO2, HFO, ...), the criterion of flammability, high pressure, etc. are all challenges that require new technologies.


Our investments in research and development over the last few years are taking shape with the opening of an excellence hub in Circular Economy.



Discover our circular economy approach





Our offer to reduce carbon footprint



Climalife plays a proactive role in reducing the carbon footprint




Technical and connected tools

  • Eco-efficient model to optimise refrigeration
  • Thermodynamic modelling
  • Monitoring and management of refrigeration systems & packaging traceability (Clim’app)




Waste recovery and treatment

  • Recovery filters for HFC, HCFC, HFO, NH3, SF6...
  • On-site services for dismantling operation
  • Waste treatment




  • Advocacy management: recommendation, information, user support
  • Dematerialisation
  • Services : analysis, on-site recovery, retrofitting of installations, draining/refilling of heat transfer fluids, requalification of pressure equipment
  • Engineering: filling/distribution stations for non-flammable or flammable products, storage units, customised recovery units, etc.



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