Energy Fred Solutions starts a retrofit program from R-507/R-404A to R-448A in a supermarket chain in Catalonia

« We are very happy with the results. We use the expression "no news is good news". There have been no incidents and we have savings in emissions and taxes.  Energy reduction is in line with our expectations. This retrofit has been a challenge, but the safety and ease-of-handling of R-448A helped us make it possible.» XAVIER DOMÉNECH, GENERAL DIRECTOR ENERGY FRED SOLUTIONS


Energy Fred Solutions is a contracting company with over 30 years’ experience, specialising in providing integral solutions to industrial and commercial refrigeration, with a focus on new technologies, innovation and energy efficiency. Their company philosophy is to optimise both new build and existing refrigeration installations with a quick and high quality maintenance programme – almost all problems are solved the same day.  With this spirit, Energy Fred Solutions specified the most advantageous custom solution for the needs of a family business owning more than 100 stores in Catalonia. This important retailer holds a very solid commitment towards food quality, and therefore as part of a continuous effort to safeguard the excellence of the cold chain, they require optimum performance of the refrigeration system.



The most suitable proposal for the supermarket requirements was reached thanks to the technical direction of Climalife Friogas on refrigerant choice. R-448A, produced by Honeywell under the name Solstice® N40, was selected after extensive comparison with other alternatives to R-507.  It provided the largest reduction in impact, both economical (lower tax and lower energy consumption) and environmental (68% lower GWP than R-507 and higher CoP, so both direct and indirect emissions would be reduced). R-448A also allowed, in this situation, better management of the refrigerant fleet for service and maintenance.  As the conversion was only for medium temperature, R-450A (Solstice N13) was considered as there would have been larger savings in GWP, initial costs and later on, taxes.  R-448A was ultimately chosen so there was a single refrigerant for the whole retrofit program, involving around 60 stores with from conversions of both medium and low temperature systems as R-448A gave the lowest total cost.




  • The store

The store in Premià de Dalt (Barcelona, Spain) has a surface of 2,000m2 and was originally running with R-507.  The installation concept was upgraded with more efficient cabinets, a move from three racks with smaller compressors to only two with more powerful ones, and the use of floating condensation.  The retrofit took place in February 2016.


  • The installation





7 Refrigerated cold rooms

Meat, fish, delicatessen, bread, fruit, vegetables, waste facilities, miscellaneous

2 Refrigerated counters

Meat and delicatessen

6 Semi-multidecks

2 x meat, 2 x delicatessen, 2 x cheese

3 Multidecks

Smoked fish, salads and dairy products


1 Freezing cold room

Zanotti BSB140T294F running with R-404A


Central Copeland

CFA 4MA-22X + 2X4MA-22x

3 semi-her­metic compressors Copeland

115kW / 2,77kW (LT cold room)




~175 kg






De Rigo

Settings MT

2.1 bar, -14 °C


6 Ciatesa Cooling Units

Heat recovery SPACE IPF 90HEE

Cooling power






Expansion valves from the modular cabinets had to be manually adjusted: in total, around 50 valves were closed to the R-448A specifications.

Energy Fred Solutions always adjusts the system to the cooling needs: superheat was adjusted to 4-5ºC and it is estimated that by lowering the difference between on and off temperatures from 2-3ºC to 1.5ºC, the system could be further enhanced, allowing for less fluctuation in load and more stability in the cabinet temperature.



The retrofit program for this supermarket chain will involve a further 60 stores in 2016.  An energy monitoring system has been installed at the Premiá store to follow up consumption and continue optimising the installation. This experience will be used to help conversion work in the other stores.



«We support companies like Energy Fred Solutions because they are entrepreneurial when looking for innovative solutions.» Christophe Morote, Activity Director Climalife. « The retrofit guide and the Technical seminar, as well as product information and smart phone app with technical data and tables, have all been very useful. Energy Fred, with their knowledge and experience, could quickly familiarise themselves with the requirements to optimise the system with R-448A.» Jesús Gutirrez, Sales Manager Climalife Friogas.