Enhance Modern Life Through Fluid Engineering

CPI Engineers Fluid Solutions to Help the Industry Create a More Sustainable Future.


"Over the past fifty years CPI has built a global business rooted in technology, transformed by changes in the markets we serve, and solidified by the customer relationships we have forged and strengthened. We leverage our technical resources and experience to provide solutions in an ever-changing industry. Utilising the resourcefulness of The Lubrizol Corporation offers access to a robust spectrum of testing and formulation resources unmatched amongst other lubricant technology suppliers" Michael Davis, CPI Global Marketing Communications manager.


CPI provides solutions for a vast array of markets across the globe. Lubricants can be found in the processing of hydrocarbon gas, where dilution and contamination offer special considerations, to refrigeration and air conditioning systems with their diverse selection of refrigerants and operating conditions. With over 50 years of experience in industry, providing world-class engineered performance fluids, unmatched support and innovative collaboration, CPI is committed to, Enhancing Modern Life Through Fluid Engineering.


For CPI, the main challenges anticipated within the next 10 years reflect what every industry is facing - supply security, managing regulatory changes, and the need to support a global effort to create a more sustainable future for the generations to come. We are seeing changes in all sectors of the refrigeration and AC industry.
The commercial refrigeration market is undergoing a transition towards low GWP refrigerants in addition to adopting a more flexible and smaller retail cold-chain. In the consumer market we are seeing growth in room air conditioning and small appliance markets in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North African regions.

Meeting the increased demand for modern comforts in these regions requires expansion of infrastructure and ensuring reliability of energy grids.


CPI works with key industry partners to research and innovate lubricant solutions that improves system energy efficiency within refrigeration and air conditioning systems and enable the use of lower GWP refrigerants.


It is essential to find a balance between the needs for modernisation of these regions and a long-term strategy for sustainable solutions.


CPI’s Commitment to Sustainability

"What measures can we pursue to support the drive to live in a more sustainable world? Even small choices we make every day are impactful when scaled to a global level. We are the stewards of this planet, and as such need to play our part. It matters to our organisation and our people, to our customers, and to future generations. We aim to Move Cleaner, Create Smarter, and Live Better", explains Michael Davis.




For CPI sustainability means:
Shrinking their Footprint by producing our products in a safe, efficient, and responsible manner that minimises our carbon footprint while preserving and protecting our natural resources.


Extending our Handprint by providing solutions and products that enable our customers to meet and exceed their performance and sustainability goals.


Therefore, sustainability is a key objective and guiding principle for CPI. Delivering it can come in many guises, from working with the right raw material partners and sources, through to the efficient operation of our manufacturing facilities, and on to the ultimate end-user of our solutions and products. CPI’s ambition is to participate in the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions associated with global warming and climate change.


CPI is pursuing sustainability initiatives that will positively impact the company, the customers, and the environment by:


-    Enabling the transition to Lower GWP gases
Developing lubricant technology solutions to enable the switch to low GWP refrigerants to reduce significant greenhouse gas emissions..

-    Pursuing total lifecycle management
Extending oil and equipment life while delivering energy efficient solutions reduces demand on both raw materials and energy. Minimising machine downtime and improving productivity helps decrease wasted energy and additional emissions/pollutants due to poorly performing equipment.


-    Carbon capture & sequestration / storage (CCS)
CCS technologies have significant potential to reduce CO2 emissions formed by power generation and industrial processes, among other things. CPI/Lubrizol is partnering with other organisations to improve utilisation of underground storage space by increasing the viscosity of liquid/supercritical CO2 – thus increasing storage capacity.

-    Cold Chain
CPI offers lubricant solutions for equipment used in every stage of the cold chain – a low-temperature supply chain system utilised to deliver perishable foods and other goods to consumers from harvest/creation. CPI are actively working to improve efficiency throughout the cold chain from
food production to cooking and through freezing and storage reducing food waste (another large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions) and improving energy use across equipment in each stage of the cold chain.


-   Packaging sustainability

To reduce plastic consumption, CPI is actively investigating and evaluating alternatives to existing packaging such as bag-in-box solutions, which could offer a multitude of benefits, including a reduction in the carbon footprint of packaging (transport of raw materials) and a reduction in waste (of used packaging).


Enabling the Adoption of Lower GWP Gases

CPI Fluid Engineering recognises that each company has unique challenges. CPI benefits from the flexibility of a small organisation coupled with the resourcefulness of The Lubrizol Corporation (a Berkshire Hathaway company) behind us. Decades of experience in the field, complex problem- solving abilities, and a deep understanding of the refrigerant/lubricant relationship make CPI an ideal partner to help navigate today’s refrigeration challenges.
CPI takes pride in its dedication to innovation, new product research & development, technical service, quality control, and supply reliability. Their technical staff are well-versed in chemistry, engineering, and tribology with solid system knowledge.


CPI offers refrigeration lubricant options for all standard and low GWP refrigerants. Our Icematic®, Emkarate®, and Solest® brands provide a comprehensive range of solutions for all market segments and application types for the full range of refrigeration gases: HFC, HFO and HFO blends, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia, CO2.


Climalife have been CPI's partner for more than 20 years, distributing high-performance lubricants for refrigeration and air-conditioning over the world. The partnership ensures expertise in complying with industry processes, standards, and regulations. This holds particularly true in the food and beverage processing industry, where NSF approved fluid solutions are required due to the potential for incidental food contact. Many formulations also meet demanding requirements such as Halal & Kosher and are certified as such.