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A line of machinery suitable to your field of business: commercial cooling, industrial cooling, air-conditioning and heating. In accordance with current regulations, any operator handling refrigerant fluids needs to have the tools required by his or her category of activity (to find out more, see the Regulation section). Machinery for injecting oils and secondary refrigerant/heat transfer fluids are also available.

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Leak detector DDH2 UV

Heated diode sensor. 3 sensitivity levels, suitable for all fluids CFC's, HCFC's, HFC's and HFO's, leaks signalled by audio alarm + LED, battery or mains powered.

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Fixed leak detector HCFC/ HFC/ HC - NH3 - CO2

Bacharach environment controls. Appliances detect refrigerant fluids in factories, industrial manufacturing, air conditioning systems, coolers, boilers and numerous other professional applications.

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