F-Gas Solutions: The mobile app for everyone!

Refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and renewable energy professionals - be sure to choose the right refrigerant according to F-Gas regulation 517/2014.




 In 2014, our industry is once again facing the challenge of new developments, such as the end of reclaimed HCFCs and new F-Gas regulations. The experience acquired by Climalife from within the Dehon Group and its 140 years' experience, is here to help you to choose the solutions for tomorrow with its comprehensive product range and the launch of "F-Gas Solutions".


"F-Gas Solutions" is a smartphone application developed by Climalife for professionals in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy. It offers simple and user-friendly assistance in dealing with the new European regulation 517/2014 or "F-Gas II", which comes into force on 1 January 2015.

This mobile application provides a useful calculator that will tell you the GWP of the refrigerant used in an installation, as defined by the F-Gas Regulation. By entering the refrigerant charge in kg into the ‘App' it will also tell you the CO2 equivalent Tonnes for that refrigerant and charge. These are two essential criteria under the new F-Gas regulation.

The "Climalife approved F-Gas solutions" module offers professionals information on the range of refrigerants available on the market and the solutions recommended by Climalife regarding F-Gas regulations for new and existing equipment.


Professionals will find a solution to suit their needs regardless of the type of application (air conditioning, heat pumps, domestic cooling, non-commercial refrigeration, transport/automotive), or the equipment chosen (Mono Split, hermetically sealed systems, centralised systems, etc.); be it new or existing. You can receive by mail the table of solutions for each application.


The refrigerants covered by this application include all commonly used fluids (HFC, HFO, hydrocarbons and others) with an ASHRAE number. New products and blends under development will be added as they are released on the market.

The "F-Gas solutions" application is available on Google Play and the Apple Store for smartphone in several languages: English, French, Dutch and German.




Regular updates will be made to the application, as and when new information is available.