Feedback on the series of Climalife technical meetings: more than 1,200 informed professionals!

In light of the regularatory changes and technical innovations, the Climalife experts presented their solutions at a series of technical information meetings.


In the course of these meetings, the main thrusts of the project to revise F-Gas regulations were developed.  Solutions for the future, HFO (4th generation refrigerants) ad the alternatives to fluids with high GWP were also highlighted.  This message was strengthened by the presence of certain manufacturers (Honeywell and DuPont) and the compressor manufacturer GEA Bock.   .


The latter promoted in particular the environmental benefits of Performax LT as a substitute solution for R-404A
For refrigeration facilities, heating and renewable energies, the new Greenway® secondary refrigerant/heat transfer fluid was explained and aroused keen interest.


In total, more than 1,200 participants were informed directly in Europe (France, Belgium, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain) and were able to obtain concrete answers to their questions about present and future developments.


Contact your local office if you would like to receive copies of the presentations given.