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CPI-1009 series : CPI-1009-68 / CPI-1009-100

Hydrogenated oil for ammonia, very refined, chemically inert.

CPI®-1009-68 is particularly suitable for ammonia compressors with evaporators operating at temperatures above -39°C.

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R-455A (Solstice® L40X)

R-455A is a non-azeotropic (HFC/HFO) blend with a GWP <150.

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Stationary leak detector : MGS 400 series

The Bacharach MGS-400 series room controllers are fixed refrigerant leak detectors suitable for all refrigeration systems.


Designed to detect refrigerants, toxic and combustible gases, they can detect HFO/blends (HFO-HFC) / HFC / R-290 / NH3 / CO2, ensuring people safety while reducing leaks.



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Greenway® Neo N to dilute

Greenway® Neo N is a renewable plant-based dilutable heat transfer fluid (1,3-propanediol and corrosion inhibitors), specially formulated for refrigeration, air conditioning, fire protection system circuits and heat pump installations (underfloor heating/cooling circuits).


Greenway® Neo N protects against frost and the formation of deposits in the system.

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