Freezer counter trial

In 2012, Precision Refrigeration, in collaboration with Climalife in the UK and Honeywell staged a test comparing R-404A - the refrigerant of choice for freezer applications, against low GWP blend alternative N40.

The objective was to evaluate the temperature performance and energy consumption of a standard Precision LCU323 three door freezer counter cabinet.

Temperature performance and energy consumption was tested to EN153 over a 24 hour period with the cabinet empty of product and the door closed.

The tests focused on four areas;

(1) Pulldown time: the quicker the time, the greater the energy saved (lower running costs);

(2) Recovery time after defrost: similar benefits to pulldown time;

(3) Maximum Discharge temperature: impacts on life of compressor and whole-life performance of equipment – the most critical test from Precision’s perspective;

(4) Energy consumption: measured in kWh over 24 hours. The results of this test demonstrated that the Honeywell product Solstice® N40 was found to exceed the refrigeration performance of R-404A, whilst at the same time, exhibiting lower recovery time and improved pull-down time. Not to forget its lower GWP value of 1387, around a 65% reduction on R-404A.

N40 provides a non-flammable solution, with faster pull down time than R-404A.

Precision Refrigeration plan to offer N40 (R-448A) to their customers in all new equipment.