FRIONETT® POWER ULTRA : new powerful universal cleaner !

Frionett® Power Ultra is an alkaline, non-corrosive product for the external cleaning of condensers, evaporators, fans, finned coils and more.


Its cleaning and degreasing power eliminates dust, grease and other dirt, and in this way makes it possible to optimise the exchangers' heat transfer and restore performance.  Frionett® Power Ultra is available in a 750ml ready to use spray or as a concentrate to be diluted, in a 5l can.


• Highest cleaning and grease removing power
• Strong wetting: dissolves and absorbs all the dirt
• Light fragrance
• Non-corrosive in accordance with applicable regulations
• Tested by refrigeration and air conditioning professionals.



• Optimised heat transfer
• Extend the life of the plant
• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced operating costs.