360° CO2 offer from Climalife


With the introduction of F-Gas II and the quota system, players in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry should not delay the integration of new fluids into their development plans.


For facility owners, one of the solutions to regulatory pressure can be the installation of new equipment operating with a very low GWP fluid.


Therefore, CO2 (R-744); one of the oldest refrigerants, has « come back to the fore » and is increasing its market share.


With a GWP of 1, CO2 (R-744) can meet the needs of commercial refrigeration.  The number of hypermarkets and supermarkets using CO2 is growing rapidly in Europe and around the world. Equipment manufacturers claim they have CO2 solutions that can be used across large, medium and most recently, very small commercial systems; whatever the climate conditions.



The 360° CO2 offer from Climalife


In order to support customers in their ecological, technical and economic efforts to improve the energy efficiency of installations, Climalife has launched the 360° CO2 offer.


The offer is a complete, innovative and qualitative range, that includes all types of packaging necessary for R-744, refrigerating oils designed for all applications (for example from Mobil, Bitzer, Zerol, CPI etc) as well as special hoses for the smooth handling of this fluid.


Innovative packaging


Climalife packaging has been designed to bring innovation to the market.  Its objective has been to facilitate the handling of high-pressure packaging, which can be very heavy and to offer the appropriate load for each installation :

Mooviz® : an innovative bottle made from a composite material with wheels and ergonomic handles.  Easy to transport, it is ideal for the new equipment offered by some manufacturers used in small local shopping areas, often in the city centre, with CO2 loads below 10kg.

B50 : this bottle has the best tare/load ratio on the market and the handle on the cap makes it possible to roll the packaging and facilitate handling.

Cage : the cage consists of nine interconnecting B50 bottles (342 kg) for systems with higher loads.  It thus allows the filling of cooling units in hypermarkets and supermarkets, or even in industrial refrigeration.


Packaging may vary by country. Please check with your local Climalife office. 



Choosing the right lubricant is essential for R-744 systems



Choosing the right lubricant is essential for the performance and durability of a R-744 system.  We have a complete range of oils formulated for this fluid, which can operate under extreme conditions and have been approved by compressor manufacturers.


Discover our complete rangeMobil Gargoyle™ SHC 80 POE, Bitzer BSEZerol RFL,  Icematic NXG (in development).





Use the appropriate equipment


Our high pressure CO2 transfer hoses are equipped with anti-whip safety cables, allowing installation to be carried out with complete peace of mind.







To help you, our Best practice for handling high pressure cylinders guide is available in French, English, German, Spanish and Dutch. 


Download the guide here.