Greenfrío exports dryers worldwide with low-GWP solutions

Greenfrío designs, develops and manufactures dryers for food industry products, using Honeywell Solstice® refrigerants (R-450A, R-448A, R-1234ze) for high-tech range that focuses on global efficiency.


Greenfrío, established in 2011 and located in the Basque town of Oiartzun (Spain), has 12 employees. The company exports between 40% and 60% of its industrial refrigeration solutions around the world (to more than 20 countries, including Cape Verde, Uzbekistan, Dominican Republic and France). These solutions are "primarily intended for the meat, milk, fish, fruit and vegetable sectors, logistics platforms and all applications that require cold, drying or ageing areas" explains Jon Gaztelumendi, Export Sales Director.

"In Africa, we are present in Morocco and Senegal but our biggest ever project can be found in Cape Verde: 3,000 m2 and 37 machines for a covered fish market in the port of Mindelo on the island of San Vicente", he adds.



Customer specific R&D and innovation


Greenfrío offers installers a selection of refrigeration units for cold areas, “including a wide range of temperature (from -40 ºC to 15 ºC) and power values (from 2 to 100 CV),” explains Jean Claude Penadés, Sales Director.

In addition, the company specialises in R&D connected to innovation, and the new range of high-performance dryers is attributable to the latter. “It is a machine whose design and manufacture are customised. It contains the most advanced refrigeration and electronic components as well as a new controller that was specially designed to optimise the drying process and the machine's performance,” he continues.

This research, launched in 2015, has already been implemented by several well-known national industrial firms and the results exceeded expectations: “The final product met or even, in some cases, surpassed the client's demands and also permitted substantial energy savings,” points out the Sales Director.




Low-GWP solutions recommended by Climalife


Whether for industrial refrigeration, with the RX range of refrigeration units (compact and split units with microchannel condensers), or for autonomous or centralised drying units (with or without heat-transfer fluid), our aim is to “obtain optimal performance while saving as much energy as possible,” explains J.C. Penadés.


With regards to Climalife, he adds : " Both of our companies have an important common goal: to offer the refrigeration sector a reliable solution that has the least possible impact on the environment. Our close relationship with Climalife gives us a global insight into the refrigerants that we use in our machines; we receive recommendations and up-to-date data regardless of the temperature range required. Such is the case with the introduction of the R-448A (Solstice® N40) refrigerant in medium and low temperature applications.


"We also tested R-450A (Solstice® N13) in the dryers and medium temperature areas. We had to adjust certain components but the subsequent result was satisfactory", and it also improves the product’s overall price in comparison with its counterpart, R-134a (particularly due to the tax on GWP in place in Spain).


Greenfrío anticipates the future with R-1234ze : "We are designing and developing new machines with this low-GWP refrigerant and shall soon begin the test phase", concludes Penadés. 




Greenfrio in brief:

Founded : 2011

Number of employees : 12

Business : manufacture of refrigeration equipment for the food industry

Location : Oiartzun, Guipúzcoa, Spain.



Solstice N40 (R-448A)


Low temperature

(-20 °C / +32 °C)


Average temperature

(0 °C / +32 °C)

Cooling capacity

36.1 kW

48.6 kW


Ø 630 mm

Ø 630 mm

Condensing battery

Microchannel technology

Condensing fans



6MU-40X Flux Copeland

4MI-30X Copeland Stream

Quantity of refrigerant

22 kg

27 kg

Type and quantity of oil

3 litres POE 32

3 litres POE 32

Evaporating / condensing temperature °

-27 °C/+42°C

-6 °C / +42 °C

Evaporating / condensing pressure

0.82 bar / 16.45 bar

3.15 bar / 16.45 bar

Mass flow

328 g/h

251 g/h

Total energy consumption

25.9 kW

21.7 kW

Maximum dimensions

2,300 x 2,535 x 1,400 mm

2,300 x 2,535 x 1,400 mm

Weight of the machine

880 kg

850 kg


Floating condensation





New ESAE range (High-performance drying units)

Cooling capacity

75 kW


Bitzer vis CSH

Internal temperature

+14 °C

Relative humidity

75 %



Load : Ham

8,500 units



Quantity of refrigerant

85 kg

Type and quantity of oil

3 litres POE 32

Evaporating / condensing temperature °

0 °C / +42 °C

Evaporating / condensiong pressure

1.52 bar / 8.34 bar

Volumetric displacement (50 Hz)

137 m³/h

Total energy consumption

31.45 kW



Equipo Greenfrío cargado con Solstice N40 gas R-448A