Greenway Neo application in geothermal engineering – customer testimonial by Jacques Vercruysse, manager at GEO-GREEN.

Established in Belgium in 2011, GEO-GREEN specialises in design and installation of geothermal systems for heating and air conditioning.

The company currently employs five people: geologist, technician and three operatives.

The main business areas at GEO-GREEN are:

  • Energy (accounting for 75% of turnover): Geothermal drilling and water wells,
  • Environmental: Purification of contaminated soils and underground aquifers.


GEO-GREEN specialises in the installation of closed geothermal systems.

These are the systems where water is not being pumped and discharged into the groundwater. These completely closed systems only exchange the heat with the environment. It uses vertical geothermal probes, reaching the depths of 80-150 m.

The geothermal probes ensure the supply of renewable energy to the heat pump, which converts it into cold or heat to be used inside the building.

I drill a borehole, install a geothermal heat exchange system (probes) and connect it to the heat pump supplied by a heating company.

Before any of this work is carried out, I measure the geothermal system parameters. As a trained geologist, I analyse the geothermal potential of the subsoil of the site and evaluate the space and environmental constraints to fit the geothermal system. I install the system ready to operate until the heat pump is turned on and the circulation starts.




I work with a unique patented technology that uses highly efficient stainless steel probes.

These are coaxial probes with an inner tube made of polyethylene and external tube of stainless steel. Polyethylene is a thermal insulator, and steel conducts heat well, so the efficiency of a coaxial probe is higher.



I buy concentrated or diluted heat transfer fluid, depending on the order and my storage capacity.

I buy ready to use solution in small quantities. If it's a whole container, then I prefer pure Greenway® Neo and distilled water. Then I prepare the mixtures according to the customer or the heating company specification.



I decided to completely switch to Greenway® Neo from Climalife.

Because I believe it's the product that offers the best environmental and technical performance.


Customers can see how different my company is.
Thanks to Greenway® Neo being green colour, the customers can see that we use a different coolant then the rest (the traditional coolants are red).

My business is dedicated to protecting and respecting the environment. I would not use products that are not biodegradable or less environmentally friendly than Greenway® Neo.




Geothermal installations give us access to renewable energy.

They are the ideal alternative to fossil fuel.

So, when the customer switches to green energy, I always supply the highest-quality and environmentally friendly products.

My customers know my choice for the heat transfer fluid and I am always open about it!




I work with 6 to 70kW pumps.

Larger installations are usually public sector projects, where the will to use environmentally friendly products is there, however the decision is often made based on the price.

People choosing geothermal installations for individual projects tend to be very environmentally aware and always choose environmentally friendly products as it is their way of life.


Geothermal installations can heat and cool. My customers are choosing geothermal installations for their homes and offices because it can offer cooling at a much cheaper price compared to more traditional air conditioning technologies. Air conditioning units are noisy and not always wanted as a part of exterior.



I find the Greenway® Neo data sheet very useful;

Depending on the technical specifications and the freezing point (-10, -15 or -20 ° C), I calculate the proportions and run the test with a refractometer to verify the quality of the product I'm going to use.



In Belgium, heating system engineers purchase heat transfer fluid from heat pump suppliers.

Heat transfer fluid is often supplied by heat pump manufacturers. The products are marketed under the heat pump manufacturers brand and often lack the technical information.

That’s why I made the decision to get heat transfer fluids directly from Climalife. With Climalife, I know exactly what product I am using and I have all the technical information I need. I am also saving money by cutting out the middle man and buying directly. It is a much healthier commercial approach.



I chose Greenway® Neo because I'd heard about Climalife.

I invited Mrs Put, Brussels, Wallonia and Luxembourg sales manager at Climalife, to do a presentation on Greenway® Neo.


Once the heat pump is up and running, it does not need any maintenance.

Typically, 20 years can go by without hearing from a customer. We have not analysed any samples of this heat transfer fluid yet as it only been used for five years, so at the moment I cannot review it. The lifespan of glycol water in a solar panel is not the same as in a geothermal system, since with solar, the temperature extremes are enormous (-20°C to more than 100°C), whereas for geothermal, there's a maximum difference of 10°C (12 to 3°C approximately). Due to the minimal variations in temperature, the product does not degrade that quickly. I intend to go to Mr. Put to see how Greenway® Neo has changed over time in the first projects I did with it and ask him to analyse the Greenway® Neo. That will confirm the quality of my work to my customers.



Yes, I would recommend Greenway® Neo, because it's a good product! To keep my competitive advantage I only recommend it to my customers and engineers, I don’t want my competitors to copy me!