Heat transfer fluids Greenway® Neo Heat Pump

Greenway® Neo Heat Pump is a READY-TO-USE heat transfer fluid based on 1,3 PROPANEDIOL and corrosion inhibitors, particularly suitable for geothermal ground source and aerothermal Air/Water heat pump systems.


The 1,3 Propanediol, comes from renewable plant-based materials, and has the advantage of considerably reducing the risk of polluting the ground or the atmosphere in the event of a system leak.



Product Packaging Protection


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
10 L can -25°C +


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
20 L can -25°C +


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
210 L barrel -25°C +


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
1000 kg container -25°C +


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
5-ton bulk -25°C +


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
10-ton bulk -25°C +


Greenway® Neo Heat Pump
20-ton bulk -25°C +


Solar tar remover


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Universal Pump

This pump can be used for coolants, lubricants and our internal cleaning products.

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Duonett® D7

DUONETT® D7 is a descaling liquid for industrial use, intended for removing limescale and limestone, and eliminating sludge and rust deposits from water pipes.

It can be used in heat exchangers (condensers, water evaporators), boilers, water pipelines, and also cooling towers.

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Nettoyant N


For cleaning circuits that have previously contained refrigerants, prior to the use of a heat transfer fluid as a secondary refrigerant.

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