Greenway® Neo selected for under-pitch heating at Hungarian football ground



A reduction in the environmental impact in the event of a leak or failure of the pipes, led Pharos '95' to select the Greenway® Neo, an innovative heat transfer fluid made from renewable raw materials, for the pitch heating installation at the Zalaegerszeg football ground.


The Zalaegerszeg football stadium (ZTE Arena) in Hungary can accommodate 11,200 people and was recently renovated. The stadium was designed to host football matches, even in winter, through the installation of a network of plastic pipes under the pitch which protect against frost.

The invitation to tender for the renovation of the football pitch was won by Pharos '95 Kft. Since 2005, the business has widened its scope to undertake the complete renovation of sports grounds using synthetic or natural grass coverings.

The company has been working hard to grow the confidence and satisfaction of its customers by creating quality modern sports surfaces. Pharos ‘95 ensure they use modern machinery to get the best possible efficiencies using the latest high-end technology. The company continually monitors the condition of the grounds and help to preserve quality by providing expert advice.

To select the appropriate heat transfer fluid for the Zalaegerszeg football ground, Pharos '95 Kft contacted Climalife, known in the Hungarian market as a supplier of innovative solutions.
Simon Sándor, Climalife Commercial Engineer presented Nagy Benedek, Technical Director of Pharos '95, with various heat transfer fluids on the market that were suited to the heating of grass pitches, along with their technical characteristics.
As well as the traditional glycol-based heat transfer fluids, Climalife also offered Greenway® Neo made from vegetable-based renewable raw materials.

Following a meeting between the football pitch designer, the company manufacturing the pipe system and Climalife, the Engineering and Design department reviewed the technical parameters of the equipment located in the machine room and the thermodynamic characteristics of the heat transfer fluid as these needed to be compatible for the system to operate properly.
Based on the dimensions of the sports field, the machine room and the cross-section of the pipework between the machine room and the sports field (Tichelmann distribution system) provided by the pipe manufacturer, Sándor Simon was able to determine the total volume of the system.

During a final discussion with staff at Pharos '95 Kft, the choice was made to use Greenway® Neo as it was the most appropriate solution for the staff and the owner  : Greenway® Neo.

Although the technical aspect was important, the environmental protection gave the project even greater importance as in the event of a leak or failure of the pipes, it was essential to greatly reduce any damage caused to the grass and the soil.
The project was an unparalleled success. The football ground heating system was completed in 2017 and has operated without any problems since.



The solution :

Heat transfer fluid Greenway® Neo was selected for its positive characteristics :
- made from renewable vegetable-based and biodegradable raw materials ;
- free of toxic additives (no borax, nitrites, phosphates, amines) ;
- innovative organic and sustainable inhibitors for corrosion protection ;
- low carbon footprint as its production generates 40% less CO2 and consumes 40% less energy than the conventional production of monopropylene glycol.