Tailored solution for renewable energy

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We know that the residential market has the biggest potential for energy savings and improvements in environmental performance. Helping businesses to turn to renewable energy sources is vital if we are to meet this challenge.



Your needs and our solutions


 1- Primary solar system


Needs: High-performance heat-transfer fluids, heat conducting, resistance to corrosion and durability at high temperatures

Solutions :

  • Solufluid® Solar: Ready-to-use MPG-based fluid (Afssa approval).
  • Greenway® Solar: Ready-to-use fluid based on renewable ressources (Afssa approval). Much lower degradability than a MPG at high temperatures (150°).
  • Neutraguard® NEO: Concentrated MPG-based fluid (Afssa approval).


Needs: Remove the tars deposits that appear through excessive degradation of the heat transfer fluid.
Solutions :

  • SolRnett: Ready-to-use solar degreasing fluid.


2- Domestic hot water system


Needs: DHW tank or heat exchanger scale remover, safe for the operator.

Solutions :

  • Duonett® D7: safe discaler, not classified as dangerous, resistant to corrosion and does not require any particular safety protection.


3- Heating floor

Needs: Heat transfer and corrosion protection.


  • Solufluid®: Ready-to-use MPG-based fluid (Afssa approval).
  • Greenway®: Ready-to-use fluid based on renewable ressources (Afssa approval).


4- Geothermal heat pump

Needs: Antifreeze and heat-transfer fluid with high thermal conductivity.

Solutions :

  • Solufluid® Heat Pump: Ready-to-use MPG-based fluid (Afssa approval).
  • Greenway® Heat Pump: Ready-to-use fluid based on renewable ressources.
  • Neutraguard® NEO: Concentrated MPG-based fluid.


5- Aerothermy


Needs: Comprehensive solution surrounding the implementation, maintenance, placement and waste-tracking of the heat pump.


  • Guide to Heat Pump best practices, comprehensive range of products and services for the heat pump.