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The cooling requirements of a plant or product in cold or frozen-storage are specific for each industry. Be it in food processing, pharmaceuticals or the petrochemical industry, optimising an industrial cooling system is now a major challenge for businesses seeking to develop sustainable production operations and minimise their carbon footprint.



Your applications:


• Agrifood industry  • Pharmaceuticals industry  •  Automobile industry  • Plastics industry • Mechanical industry • Consumer goods industry • Petrochemical • Industrial heat pumps • Sea fishing					 



Your processes:

• Food preservation • Freezing tunnel • Maintaining/controlling • temperatures • Cooling after cooking/roasting • Cooling a production tool • High-performance heat transfer


Our solutions:

Renowned expertise in refrigerant fluids and other technical fluids enables Climalife to better understand your industrial issues and to guarantee you innovative and appropriate solutions:




Designing and manufacturing custom distribution and storage systems

Recovery and treatment of technical fluids (emptying, refilling, refrigerants and HTF systems cleaning)

Waste treatment: reclamation / destruction

Product: an innovative offer of refrigerants and technical fluids (low GWP refrigerants, secondary coolant / heat transfer fluids, lubricants, ...)

 Technical support: thermodynamic modelling, studies,...

Customers accompanying,...