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Newsletter - May 19, 2011


The choice of the oil/refrigerant combination is crucial for the proper operation of installations

A compression refrigerator produces cooling at constant pressure by evaporation of a refrigerant in the liquid state, followed by compression and condensation of the fluid to transform it from the vapour to the liquid state.


It uses a compressor which in most cases must be lubricated. Proper operation and optimum performance are ensured by choosing fluids and oils that are compatible with ...


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Les Voiles du Froid 2011

The 19th edition will set sail for the beautiful island of Hoëdic 27, 28 and 29 May 2011....




Acitest Unipro
Acitest UNIPRO enables the acidity of the oil to be determined on site by giving an indication of its condition, either, good, border-line or acid.

Within seconds, an accurate and valuable diagnosis enables vital measurements to be taken that can avoid a breakdown and its costly consequences.

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