Make using CO2 easier with Climalife!

Technological changes and the challenges of F-Gas II have promoted the development of new solutions for climate control, air conditioning and refrigeration. In recent years, CO2 has particularly made its mark in commercial refrigeration systems.

With the constant aim of recommending the best possible solution, Climalife offers new, more lightweight packaging for CO2. The high-pressure of R-744 requires high-pressure packaging, which is traditionally heavy and difficult to handle. To assist professionals in overcoming these constraints, Climalife has innovated by introducing the first mobile cylinder specifically for CO2: Mooviz®.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle and wheels to facilitate its transport and handling, Mooviz® is also lightweight through its design, using high-tech composite materials. With a 10 kg CO2 charge, and equipped with a dual phase valve, this innovative packaging, combining safety and convenience, brings real added value to refrigeration and air conditioning installation engineers. 

The range of specific packaging for R-744 also includes B50 cylinders, with a 38 kg CO2 load, and a specific feature: these cylinders are equipped with a handle on the valve guards, enabling them to be kept at an angle with one hand and easily rolled with the other.

Always with a view to making life easier for installation engineers, the transport frames and baskets for this larger-load packaging have also been optimised, to make them more manoeuvrable and safer.

Make using CO2 easier with Climalife! The range also includes lubricants, specially designed for compressors used with the R-744, fixed and portable leak detection solutions and high-pressure hoses and manifolds.