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Manifold CO2 Transcritical

The CO2 Manifold has been specially designed for use with R-744.  It consists of a 2-way aluminium housing and two dry oil filled gauges.

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Manifold 4 V R-134a / R-404A / R-407F - R-32 /R-410A

The Titan Manifold 4V R-134a/R- 404A/R- 407F - R-32/R-410A is robust and lightweight with an aluminum body , “anti-slip” handles , large diameter casing with colour coded precision scales (1% accuracy), making them easier to use. 

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Manifold Titan HFC (49936)

By-pass manometer HP/LP (bar).  Aluminium body, lightweight and robust, piston valves.  Liquid indicator.

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Empty manifold case

Transport case for manifold.

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