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ManTooth™ is a wireless digital P/T Gauge to simplify pressure and temperature measurements of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. You can easily download and share the data thanks to the free downloadable App via your iPhone or Android device.

The ManTooth RSA app wirelessly calculates and displays the actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and sub-cooling in an easy to read colour format on your smart device, without losing refrigerant. Built-in schrader ports to allow you to adjust the refrigerant charge if necessary. 


  • ManTooth single gauge: 1 P/T module, with boot and temperature probe clamp (pipe diameter up to 1”3/8).
  • ManTooth duo gauge : 2 single ManTooth and carry case
  • ManTooth double gauge: P/T module and tether unit with boots, 2 temperature probe clamps, a USB cable and carrying case.

113 refrigerants included – Upgradeable.


Screenshot feature allows you to save, organise and share measurements by email.

Easily track and store service history by location and unit.

Altitude compensation possible.


Optional: Carrying case for the ManTooth single gauge.

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